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Pigeons, house sparrows, and European starlings can have significant adverse effects on human health and safety, especially in large numbers. Birds can carry and transmit diseases, including toxoplasmosis, encephalitis, and Salmonella. Breathing of their droppings can cause further disease, including histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis. Bird droppings can also cause significant damage and deterioration to structures and vehicles, while their nests can clog pipes, cause electrical outages, and attract secondary pests, such as mites, gnats, mealybugs, and slugs. Protect your home and health with Bird-X Bird Proof Gel. Call or come in today to purchase all your DIY Pest Control Products & Supplies. 

Bird-X Bird-X

Bird-X (10 oz.)

When Pigeons, Starlings, & House Sparrows see Bird Proof Gel, they are not likely to land upon it. If they do, they will find the sticky surface to be uncomfortable and won’t stay for long. They learn over time and do not return to the treated surfaces. Effective coverage: 10 linear feet per tube.

Do Your Own Pest Control with Professional Products & Supplies from Pest Outpost. With our large selection of Professional Pest Control Products, (used by exterminators), anyone can do their own pest control, and save up to 75% -vs- hiring a professional. We make it simple & affordable!! 

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