Herbicides control and keep weeds from overtaking your lawn and garden, helping to keep them beautiful. Our herbicides are professional strength, allowing you to do your own lawn care with brilliant results.

Glyphosate Plus Glyphosate Plus

Glyphosate Plus  (2.5 gallons)

Glyphosate Plus is a wide range herbicide for weed management in turf, nurseries, non-crop areas, and landscape ornamentals. It is effective against annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses. For annual weeds to be the most easily controlled, make sure to apply Glyphosate Plus when the weeds are small. Perennial weeds are most easily controlled when treated as the weed is nearing maturity. Glyphosate Plus mixes well with water but is not to be applied through an irrigation system. 

Pramitol 25E Pramitol 25E

Pramitol 25E (1 gallon)

Pramitol 25E herbicide is a non-selective, bare-ground herbicide concentrate popular for industrial and commercial applications. Apply before or up to three months after weed emergence, and one Pramitol application will prevent weed growth for a year or more. Dilute in water or oil and apply as a foliar application, before construction, or in or under asphalt to control johnsongrass, bindweed, wild carrot, and other hard to kill weeds and grasses. (Pramitol 25E will not control woody vegetation.) Pramitol is ideal for use around buildings, storage areas, roadways, airports, highway medians, lumberyards, pipelines, fences, recreational areas, and similar areas where total weed and grass control is needed.

2DQ Herbicide 2DQ Herbicide

2DQ Herbicide (1 gallon)

2DQ Herbicide is a powerful three-way, post-emergent herbicide that provides control of 225 annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in both warm and cool-season turfgrasses. 2DQ is labeled for use on ornamental turf lawns (residential, industrial, and institutional), parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, golf courses (fairways, aprons, tees, and roughs), and similar turf areas. Also for use on sod farms.

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